Bulgaria, 2007, 96 min. / Shot in English language

The Turkish quarter in Berlin –Kreutzberg nowadays.The inhabitants are shocked by the brutal murders of Turkish children :each week a family mourns over a murdered child.The leader of the Turkish gang Murat (DanielBernhardt) and his men are convinced that evil comes with the skinheads from the East .It is not simple racial hatred but real war for the drugs market.
To deal with the horrible murders to Berlin has been sent the chief of homicide department Kemal (Arman Assante) the highest promotion for a Turk in the German police.
The war between Turks asking for revenge and the skinheads is blood shed but brings to the moment of truth. The streets are haunted by a serial racial killer.Turks succeed to capture the serial killer P. (Udo Kier).P. is not just a killer but a missioner with his vocation. He breaks the necks of the Turkish children in order to paint their skin white and their hair blond and to revive them as little diligent ariens.
“Children of Wax”is an appeal against the rising all around the world xenophobia.
This film has been inspired by the classic masterpiece “M” by Fritz Lang from 1930.

Ivan Nichev
Manahem Golan
Stefan Dimitrov
Georgi Nikolov
Armand Assante, Udo Kier, Danel Berndhart, Lidie Denier, Sherly Brener, Hal Ozan, Ulf Montanus, Dean Donkov, Naum Shopov