Bulgaria, 2021, 18 min.

""Bai Ganyo Makes Elections" with the unique Georgi Kaloyanchev!

The film novel was shot in 1985.
Today, the restored and digitized film "Bai Ganyo Makes Elections" is already the 5th part of the film series based on Aleko Konstantinov. For all the activities related to the new picture and sound of the film, we thank Mr. Dobromir Chochov - owner of "Dolly Media".
This is perhaps the most accurate film adaptation of the text of Aleko - The Lucky One. How he foresaw what Bulgaria would be like 120 years after his death.
The film novel is quite virgin. It has never met any audience before.
It has been hidden from viewers for more than 35 years.
Censored by that time, it is much more relevant today.

See if the manners from Aleko's time differ in any way today.
The fierce and relentless struggle of the "people's leaders" is like in Aleko's time! The brazen, furious imposition with elbows, lies, falce news and forgeries in the pursuit of power at any cost is no different today!
Didn't the censors from the socialist times had a reason to melt the prints of the film novel... Thanks to the efforts of the Film Archive employees, however, the negative of "Bai Ganyo makes elections" has been preserved. We will see the short story "Bai Ganyo makes elections" first on BNT.
The only living representative of the cast is Ivaylo Kaloyanchev.
The other fellow actors have never seen the film! " Bai Ganyo makes elections " is a wonderful occasion to remember these magnifiscent Bulgarian actors ...

Ivan Nichev